Burton's Maplewood Farm

Maple syrup is a golden elixir produced from the sap of maple trees found only in northern temperate zones at lower elevations. Because it is a rarity in Wyoming and Colorado, maple syrup entrepreneur Tim Burton--founder of the annual National Maple Syrup Festival--has partnered with the Breckenridge Distillery (www.breckenridgedistillery.com) Breckenridge, CO. and High West Distillery (www.highwest.com) Park City, UT to bring a one-of-a-kind syrup to the Rocky Mountains and Front Range farmer's markets for the next few weeks only. Burton's Maplewood Farm (www.burtonsmaplewoodfarm.com) is known for barrel-aged syrups, using oak barrels from bourbon, rum, brandy, and other aged liquors to infuse the transcendent flavor of the spirit on his gourmet syrups.

8121 West County Rd. 75 South
Medora, IN 47260

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